TorFX launches money travel card

Source: TorFX

TorFX a leading foreign exchange specialist has launched an innovative Travel Money Card as a way for travellers to carry currency without the usual hassle and expense of carrying cash or travellers cheques.

The prepaid MasterCard allows the user to buy Euros or US dollars at commercial exchange rates simply by registering online and paying by debit card. The reloadable currency card is then sent by post, pre-loaded with currency which can be spent at any MasterCard outlet worldwide, or withdrawn in cash from ATM's. It can also be used for internet or telephone purchases. Topping up the card is simple. Either log on to the TorFX website and top your account up using your debit card, or even simpler, send an SMS text message and your card will be immediately re loaded!

Currency exchange rates are very difficult to compare. Some bureaus and banks offer currency at "zero percent commission", but in fact the actual exchange rates offered are often uncompetitive. Using your debit card abroad can be even more costly as you will not know what exchange rate is being applied to your purchases and withdrawals until you get home and study your bank statement. The TorFX card offers you commercial exchange rates (which are based off the live "interbank" market price), and also charge no commission, giving you total transparency and excellent value every time you load your card.

The Travel Money Card works just like a debit card, and offers many benefits including chip and pin security, far better exchange rates than traditional bureau de change (up to 10% better), and the ability to "ring fence" your holiday funds from your bank account. A sterling card is also available, offering users an ideal way to reduce the risk of online fraud. Since the card is "prepaid" and cannot become overdrawn, it is a simple way to safeguard against online card theft and fraud.

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