PayByCash unveils virtual pre-paid card for e-commerce

Source: PayByCash

PayByCash, a subsidiary of PlaySpan, Inc., has developed a revolutionary way for Internet merchants to accept alternate payments from customers.

Beginning in January, if a merchant can accept major credit cards, they can accept the PayByCash Card. Selling to customers who lack credit cards or access to other traditional payment methods just became almost effortless.

Four things make the PayByCash Card revolutionary. It is the first prepaid card available to consumers virtually anywhere in the world. It allows merchants to reach a broader demographic range, including younger customers. It can be accepted by merchants without risk of fraudulent reversals; PayByCash, which already accepts 70-plus payment methods globally, guarantees fraud protection. And the PayByCash Card processes through merchants' checkout pages just like a major credit or debit card.

Accepting all the popular regional payment methods required to reach international customers involves complex engineering and finance challenges beyond the capabilities of most merchants. PayByCash's digital card solution elegantly solves the problem for them.

This isn't just big news for large Web merchants. The availability of the PayByCash Card brings the potential for huge revenue increases to hundreds of thousands of small and medium-sized Web merchants, most of whom have little or no capability to make changes to their shopping cart checkout pages. Now web merchants can reach customers around the world.

"This is a great leap forward for the payments industry," said Kevin Higgins, president of PayByCash. "Not only does this open up huge new markets, but in these economic times of tightening credit, many customers in countries where credit card use is common are losing access to their cards. The PayByCash Card provides those customers with the ability to retain the convenience and value associated with Internet shopping.

"The PayByCash Card is the only pre-paid card with truly global reach. It's a payment vehicle that merchants can safely accept from customers virtually anywhere in the world."

The PayByCash Card will officially launch in January 2009. PayByCash is qualifying and signing merchants now.

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