Correlix upgrades Latency Intelligence

Source: Correlix

Correlix, a provider of Latency Intelligence solutions that monitors, measures and analyzes trading execution and market-data flows in real-time, announced Latency Intelligence 1.5, an upgraded version designed to optimize infrastructure performance based on proprietary correlation technology.

Latency Intelligence 1.5 includes an enhanced multi-route engine, upgraded database and global protocol agnostic tools to provide detailed latency analysis and empower clients take rapid corrective action.

The new version of Correlix's multi-route engine traces latency within the same transaction over multiple physical routes to support the detection of variant flows, minute variances and aggregated transaction latency. Demand for this functionality has been driven by broker/dealers, asset managers and liquidity venues looking to improve order routing and correct slow market data paths.

"Trade execution and market data flow systems are inherently affected by additional latency, subsequently adding pressure on architects to reduce it. Latency Intelligence 1.5 will help alleviate the burden on operations by arming architects with real-time visibility to analyze order flow, volume sensitivity, system processing time and liquidity venue response time," said Dr. Einat Or, Chief Scientist at Correlix. "As electronic trading becomes more prevalent, capital markets firms need to keep pace without impacting performance or introducing latency."

With Correlix's latency intelligence database, customers have the ability to view the entire latency transaction lifecycle and query the database for historical analysis to determine the impact of latency on profit and loss. In addition, the global protocol agnostic engine is configurable regardless of application protocols, increasing the speed of deployment and reducing professional services costs.

"Data capacity and the ability to quickly translate it into opportunity is an essential competitive differentiator, particularly for proprietary high frequency trading desks," said Shawn Melamed, CEO of Correlix. "The release of Latency Intelligence 1.5 also addresses the growing need for broker's to increase data flow speed and lowering latency across the enterprise."

The Correlix Latency Intelligence 1.5 platform is highly scalable and can be deployed in small or large environments, while spanning multiple geographic areas for rapid access to market data and trading latency intelligence.

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