IT2 upgrades treasury management system

Source: IT2 Treasury Solutions

IT2 Treasury Solutions announces the release of version 6.4 of the IT2 Treasury Management System, providing another major advance in the delivery of fluent, best practice solutions to the treasury systems marketplace.

Version 6.4 demonstrates IT2's continuing focus on treasury expertise, software innovation and service excellence.

The major innovations of 6.4 include:

  • Treasury Process Management - the enhanced treasury process library gives treasurers a 360° view of their operations, supported by the out-of-the-box availability of best practice treasury management workflows. These facilities enable accelerated, secure system implementation, and additionally support controlled, transparent process management and audit reporting facilities in live operations.
  • Composite Workbenches - new powerful reporting consolidation tool, which further improves IT2's advanced real time position reporting by enabling users to integrate multiple reports into a single management report.
  • Cash Forecasting Enhancements - intuitive new data management & integration functions, including the application of reporting time buckets across forecast and bank statement data.
  • IFRS 7 Compliance - enhanced hedge effectiveness sensitivity testing, in which user-defined hypothetical market scenarios may be used to perform an effectiveness test on exposure/hedge relationships.
  • External Market Value Import - a new benchmarking tool, to validate valuation results using market quotations or traded levels.
  • Investment Management - flexible real time portfolio gain/loss reporting, for example by portfolio, legal entity and dealer.
  • Instrument Coverage - Bermudan Swaptions, Credit Default Swaps, Reverse Stock Splits and Non-deliverable Forwards (NDFs) are added to the IT2 supported instrument set.
  • Approval of Key Compliance Items - enhanced control of IT2 treasury process maps, management dashboards & reports, so that any changes must be approved by a second authorised user before the new version can become active in the live system.
  • Printing Process Documentation - provision of user defined process, audit & training documentation in PDF format. IT2 reporting on all the approved processes produces a complete treasury Procedure Manual.
  • Document Storage Facility - new function to attach any type of file to deal records in IT2, to enhance documentation and auditing facilities.
  • Technical Enhancements - support for the latest Windows platforms SQLServer 2008, 64-bit SQL servers and Windows Server 2008, keeping IT2 in line with current technology advances.

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