SIX Swiss Exchange launches electronic publication platform

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange

SIX Swiss Exchange has successfully launched a newly developed electronic publication platform.

Issuers can now publish not only management transactions, but also disclosure notifications of major shareholders electronically.

The web-based electronic publication platform provides issuers with a new tool, enabling them to meet their publication duties easily and cost-effectively. In turn, the public benefits from timely publications on the SIX Swiss Exchange website. Since the launch of the new platform on 12 November 2008, 45 issuers have already published 85 disclosure notifications.

This dispenses with the hitherto laborious publication of disclosure notifications in the Swiss Official Gazette of Commerce (SOGC) and electronic media. From 1 January 2009, the publication of disclosure notifications will take place mandatorily via the SIX Swiss Exchange website. The notifications will be immediately available from the day following the day of entry via the publication platform and not - as was previously the case - only following publication in the SOGC. During the transition period - which will last until the end of 2008 - issuers can choose whether to publish the notifications in the SOGC or via the publication platform.

The publication platform was made possible because the Swiss Federal Banking Commission revised the Stock Exchange Ordinance to create the necessary legal foundations.

The Disclosure Office of SIX Swiss Exchange published on 12 December 2008 the Notice II/08 revealing details of the issuers' publication duties, primarily with regard to the electronic publication platform. Special efforts are being made to facilitate the publication of extensive notifications.

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