LiquidityPort launches OTC brokerage platform for Nymex Clearport products

Source: LiquidityPort

LiquidityPort, LLC, today announced the launch of a fully Electronic OTC Brokerage Platform for all Nymex Clearport products including Blocks, EFPs, EFSs, and Options.

NYMEX has certified the LiquidityPort brokerage platform as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Registered Clearport Broker.

The LiquidityPort platform will enable clients to find improved liquidity in NYMEX Clearport products with greater efficiency, and anonymity over voice brokerage. The platform will support Request for Quote (RFQ) and Bulletin Board Trading on all NYMEX ClearPort products. OTC trades can be matched with a single click. All transactions will be electronically reported and centrally cleared on NYMEX Clearport.

"We are anticipating strong demand from the OTC Energy and Metals Institutional Communities looking for improved liquidity, anonymity, and lower brokerage fees on NYMEX ClearPort" said Peter Maragos, LiquidityPort's CEO.

Participants will access the LiquidityPort platform via the Internet at using an advanced proprietary front-end terminal, as well as direct access using standard FIX protocol. LiquidityPort will also integrate with clients' back office or post trade reporting systems.

LiquidityPort is currently registering clients.


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