Bats Trading extended to Nordic securities

Source: BATS Trading

BATS Trading Limited (BATS Europe), a wholly-owned subsidiary of BATS Holdings, Inc., extended the rollout on its Multilateral Trading Facility to Nordic securities, including OMX30 (Swedish), OMXH20 (Finnish), OMXC20 (Danish) and OBX25 (Norwegian), effective Friday, the 5th of December.

Since launching on the 31st of October with live trading in only 10 UK-listed symbols, BATS Europe has successfully extended trading to securities in the FTSE100, FTSE250, CAC40, NEXT20, AEX25, AMX25, BEL20, DAX30, MDAX, S&P/MIB and SMI20.

"Today's addition of Nordic stocks to the BATS Europe trading platform marks five weeks of sustained liquidity growth for European market participants," said Mark Hemsley, CEO of BATS Europe. "Looking at early 2009, we will likely roll out more symbols while also offering sponsored access and routing options that will bring greater efficiency and reliability to traders in Europe."

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