Collis releases JCB card personalisation testing tool for EMV

Source: Collis

JCB and Collis have announced that Collis' new EMV card Personalisation Validation Tool (EMV PVT) fully covers personalisation testing of JCB J/Smart cards. Testing JCB EMV cards with the EMV PVT before they are issued reduces the risk of malfunctioning cards. In this way card issuing banks overcome inconvenience for their customers and reduce costs.

Collis developed the new EMV PVT in co-operation with JCB. This tool covers all tests specified by JCB for cards that are personalised according to J/Smart 1.2 and J/Smart 2.0 specifications. J/Smart is JCB's credit application for smart cards. It is compliant with the EMV standard for smart card credit and debit transactions.

"We are very pleased to introduce Collis' EMV PVT that fully covers JCB J/Smart personalisation test requirements. We acknowledge that Collis' EMV PVT is very flexible, powerful and easy to use. Also, we believe that Collis' EMV PVT will help JCB card issuers and JCB itself to migrate to EMV smoothly," said Akihiko Shigemori, Senior Vice President of Product Compliance Advanced Technologies at JCB.

Dirk Jan van den Heuvel, Managing Director of Collis BV adds: "We are proud to assist JCB and its issuing partners. In our philosophy issuance of EMV cards must be fairly easy for a bank. With the introduction of the new EMV PVT, this becomes true. The bank will not be bothered by all kinds of technical details. The tool will do the work and tell if the card is personalised correctly or not."

Collis' EMV PVT thoroughly tests payment cards on all the aspects of personalisation. Compliance is checked with the strict rules from the EMV specification, as well as with specific requirements of credit card scheme operators. The EMV PVT immediately shows whether a card is personalised correctly or not with a green checkmark or a red cross. It also generates a Word report that pinpoints any magstripe-chip inconsistency, (tag) error or rule violation in detail. The tool can be used in development of the personalisation and for sampling during production.

The newly developed module checks JCB cards according to the test specifications of JCB. The tool has been validated by JCB to be sure that the tool does check the right issues. With this tool issuers of JCB cards can speed up the development of the personalisation and shorten time to market. Moreover the tool can also be used for quality assurance in a production environment. This prevents the issuer from issuing wrongly personalised cards.

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