Bell ID unveils Internet-based PIN change offering

Source: Bell ID

Bell ID today announced its new solution to enable PIN changes for EMV compliant cards via the Internet: the ANDiS I-PIN (patent pending).

With this innovative application banks with or without their own ATM network can allow cardholders to choose their own PIN whilst ensuring that both online and offline PINs remain synchronised.

"The ANDiS I-PIN improves customer service, delivers 24 hour convenience to cardholders and avoids a costly and disruptive re-issuance of cards, which is a key priority for card issuers", says Bell ID's Financial Solutions Manager, Wynand Vermeulen.

Bell ID's PIN change application can be integrated as an active component into the secure website of the issuing bank, regardless of the web browser used. Once cardholders have logged on to the website, they will be able to change their PIN by inserting their card into a commonly used USB PC/SC card reader. The application synchronises the online and offline PIN to ensure that only one PIN is associated with a card.


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