SunTrust deploys Metavante HealthGateway

Source: Metavante

Metavante (NYSE:MV), a leading provider of banking and payments technology, today announced Atlanta-based SunTrust has deployed Metavante Corporation's HealthGateway as a key component of its eClaim Revenue Gateway solution.

HealthGateway enables a financial institution to become a healthcare provider's long-awaited solution to the problems of multiple vendors and disparate and inefficient processes that have traditionally bogged down the claims-to-payment process. With HealthGateway, SunTrust eClaim Revenue Gateway can offer healthcare providers an online self-service tool to manage the entire lifecycle of claim  from initial eligibility inquiry, to claim submission/status check and ultimately, receipt of payment automatically reconciled to an individual claim.

"Our clients continue to share with us that the claims and payment process is complex and time-consuming for them. The manual posting and inefficiencies then contribute to rising administrative and processing costs for providers," said David Fuller, executive vice president and division head, SunTrust Treasury & Payments Solutions. "SunTrust eClaim Revenue Gateway helps address these issues, because with Metavante's HealthGateway solution, it gives providers the ability to send/receive information to/from any payer. As a result, SunTrust eClaim Revenue Gateway can streamline healthcare claims and payment data processes for providers, including hospitals and dental offices, and enable them to upload an electronic reconciled payment file directly into their practice management/information system for posting."

SunTrust eClaim Revenue Gateway is a healthcare receivables solution designed to help healthcare providers maximize workflow efficiencies around the claims process and streamline receivables management. A single electronic portal for healthcare eligibility, claims submissions/updates, payments and claims reconciliation tasks, SunTrust eClaim Revenue Gateway combines SunTrust receivables management functionality with Metavante's HealthGateway solution.

HealthGateway, with electronic connections to more than 1,200 payers, delivers the underlying technology to enable healthcaare providers to expedite benefits eligibility verification and claims submission, accept multiple forms of patient payment, reconcile health plan payments to claim activity and receive associated explanation of benefit and electronic remittance advice - all through a single online portal available through a single vendor relationship. HealthGateway also provides denial management support for claims rejected by health plans and provides for all claims and payment data to be uploaded directly into practice management system or hospital information system. By combining receivables management tools with Metavante's HealthGateway, financial institutions can deliver to healthcare providers faster access to cash receivables, increased operational efficiency and a reduction in administrative overhead.

"A typical healthcare provider interacts with numerous health insurance plans. Historically, providers had to follow several disparate processes across multiple vendors to manage submitting claims to various payers, getting paid and everything in-between," said John Reynolds, division president, Metavante Healthcare Payment Solutions. "Part of Metavante's mission to better connect patients, providers and payers is to eliminate concepts like 'disparate processes' and 'multiple vendors' from healthcare. Realizing that goal requires Metavante to be many things in the healthcare claims and payment process. By passing on that functionality, Metavante helps financial institutions emerge with the solution to a number of persistent problems in healthcare."

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