TietoEnator changes brand to Tieto

Source: TietoEnator

TietoEnator, a leading IT services company in Northern Europe, launches a new corporate brand Tieto as of 1 December 2008.

The new Tieto brand and logo will start to be visible in all Tieto offices around the world from now on. The official registered name of the company, TietoEnator Corporation, will remain unchanged for the time being as the change of the registered company name is subject to a decision by the Annual General Meeting.

The new brand reflects changes in Tieto's strategy, business structure and way of working, with an increased focus on growth, efficiency and being close to the customers. This transformation was started a year ago. The new corporate strategy was introduced this summer, a new Leadership team has been appointed, and the company will start to operate according to a new business structure and operating model as of 1 January 2009.

"A new and unified brand is a visible sign of the changes in our company. The new name is short, simple, and reflects our sharper focus and the idea of "less is more". Our new strategy means integrated operations, common ways of working and easy collaboration with our customers and partners," says CEO Hannu Syrjälä.

"Tieto is a familiar name for many of our stakeholders in our home markets as well as internationally. The new brand signifies our aim to make things easier for our customers, and to help them achieve great results in their business through better service, higher productivity and new opportunities," Syrjälä continues.

From Tietotehdas to Tieto - a leading IT service company in Northern Europe

The new Tieto brand is founded in the company's history, which goes back forty years. The company started its business operations in Espoo, Finland in 1968 under the name Tietotehdas Oy. The company's name was changed from Tietotehdas to TT Tieto in 1995 and to Tieto in 1998. TietoEnator Corporation was formed by the combination of Tieto Corporation in Finland and Enator AB (publ) in Sweden on 7 July 1999.

Today, Tieto operates in close to 30 countries and seeks to be the leading IT service company in Northern Europe by 2011. The company has special growth initiatives planned for the global telecom industry as well as for Sweden and Russia. The main markets for Tieto will be the Nordic countries, Germany and Russia. In addition, Tieto has industry-specific activities in selected countries.

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