UK Mail launches electronic postal service

Source: UK Mail

UK Mail, part of the Business Post Group, has introduced imail, an alternative to the first class postal service whereby letters can initially be submitted electronically for printing and posting from the recpient's closest sorting centre.

This new mail solution will enable users to send physical mail direct from their computer for next-day delivery to addresses across the UK, making it ideal for businesses within the banking and financial services sectors that need to reach customers in an effective and flexible manner. Not only will imail lower the cost of producing and posting first class items by up to 60 per cent, it will also reduce the carbon footprint of a letter by more than 80 per cent.

imail customers will be able to send a letter direct to anywhere in the UK with just a click of the mouse via a safe and easy-to-use software package suitable for any PC, laptop or MAC. From there, the letter will be sent electronically to the UK Mail sort centre closest to the destination where it will be printed, enveloped and sorted. In fact, users will be able to send their mail requirements as late as 6pm for nationwide delivery the next day.

imail is suitable for banks and financial services companies that operate multiple sites such as branches, call centres and regional offices that each has each has daily volumes of mail. The system has full mail merge facilities for bulk mailings and users can even upload a scanned version of their signature that can be automatically applied to documents. In addition, users will have access to a range of management information data of postage usage, enabling better control of overall mail spend.

The price of sending first class mail - when taking into consideration time, printing and material requirements - is estimated to cost as much as £1.00 per item, so imail offers significant benefits over traditional methods. The price of next-day delivery will start from 51 pence per item, which will be inclusive of all stationary, production and first class delivery.

Furthermore, by printing mail locally as close to the delivery area as possible, using a network of sort centres, imail reduces the associated transport needs of mail delivery and the miles travelled to minimise the environmental impact of a letter. imail can also reduce the need for delivery of consumable stocks to individual users and double-sided printing minimises paper usage, whilst printing bulk volumes offers efficiency savings over high quantities of small print jobs.

The service offers additional benefits to companies with multi-site or depot networks that wish to control their brand and corporate identity by better managing how each location communicates to customers, partners and suppliers. A template management system allows users to set-up and define a series of approved documents to ensure the correct use of logos and brand guidelines and achieve consistency across the business.

Commenting on the launch of imail, Guy Buswell, Chief Executive of Business Post Group commented: "With the launch of imail we have created the first alternative to first class mail, providing a real choice to customers within the UK. We have developed the solution to meet the needs of businesses in a diverse range of industry sectors, so all can achieve cost, time and green savings."

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