First California Bank invests in DCI

Source: DCI

DCI, a provider of full-service bank technology and processing solutions to the financial industry, has announced that First California Bank has become a shareholder in the privately-owned company. First California Bank is also a DCI customer using the company's iCore processing and bank management software.

Bank executives said they decided to become a shareholder because they liked DCI's business model and wanted to be more closely connected to the development of DCI's technology.

"DCI is a strong, stable company that has helped us grow with innovative, comprehensive core banking software and support," said C. G. Kum, president and chief executive officer of First California Bank. "Our aim in becoming a shareholder is to play a greater role in the ongoing direction of DCI and to offer insight that is mutually beneficial for the business partnership between our two organisations."
DCI's shareholders are also customers who not only invest in the company, but also collaborate with DCI executives to address core industry issues and provide strategic guidance on the technology needs of DCI bankers. This structure has kept the company focused on developing bank-centric products since its inception 45 years ago.
"First California Bank is a large, growing bank that readily embraces technological innovations as a means to compete and improve business," said John Jones, president and chief executive officer of DCI. "Their impressive credentials and insight will serve DCI customers well, as they help us continue to develop solutions that meet the expanding needs of community bankers and their customers."
The iCore bank processing and management system is built around a central relational database and is available as either an in-house or an outsourced solution.

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