DataSynapse Federator launched

Source: DataSynapse

DataSynapse, a world leader in dynamic application service management (DASM) software for the next generation data center, today announced the release of DataSynapse Federator.

Federator provides centralized command and control of disparate computing pools managed by the DataSynapse runtime environments (FabricServer and GridServer), across different platforms, versions and locations.

Federator extends the power of DataSynapse's DASM software platform by providing complex data centers with:

  1. Increased application performance against Service Level Agreements (SLAs), by coordinating and managing all DataSynapse resources providing dramatic performance improvements, especially at peak times;
  2. Greater infrastructure utilization, by allowing companies to use all the DataSynapse resources available in the entire data center, regardless of location, version or platform;
  3. Reduction in future IT infrastructure growth rates, allowing companies to minimize future growth of physical data center infrastructure through more efficient utilization of data center assets.

"With current economic pressures, our customers are highly focused on the requirement to keep IT costs down while improving data center performance," said Jamie Bernardin, President and Co-Founder of DataSynapse. "Federator can immediately eliminate the need for planned capital expenditures."

"Most DataSynapse installations to date have been sales to lines of business with their own IT silos - customers now want to integrate and federate those silos," commented William Fellows, Analyst at the 451 group.

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