NCR unveils self-service management technology

Source: NCR

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR), the world leader in management solutions for self-service networks, today is launching NCR APTRA Vision, a next-generation management and decision support system.

NCR APTRA Vision provides financial institutions and other self-service deployers a single tool to assess the performance of their self-service and assisted-service channels for day-to-day management and strategic planning purposes.

NCR APTRA Vision correlates data from multiple sources to provide greater visibility of the channel and provides a flexible, easy-to-navigate user interface that makes data accessible to all levels of users within a financial institution or self-service deployer organization. It enables users to see the dependencies and consequences of events in the self-service network and their effect on consumers in or near to real time. For example, it can help financial institutions view the impact of availability on the transactions completed and the number of consumers served in the entire network as well as down to a particular location.

In addition, NCR APTRA Vision can help financial institutions define the goals of their service channels and the revenues they generate. This could include highlighting opportunities to migrate transactions away from tellers to self-service kiosks, or install automated teller machines (ATMs) in areas where the interchange fees paid to competitors are high.

The portal uses a flexible architecture to extract data from multi-vendor ATMs, self-service kiosks and teller applications across a variety of network infrastructures. This device-based data can be correlated with information on the transaction volumes, values, types and times in other channels, such as branch counters. By combining the branch and ATM locations with this data on geographical maps, business managers can instantly view customer demand trends. This could enable them to identify where they can introduce new ATM services - such as bulk cash and check deposits - to free up headcount in branches to meet with customers who want product advice.

"NCR's new APTRA Vision helps financial institutions gain meaningful business intelligence from their assisted- and self-service channels by combining business and operational data automatically - a correlation that previously would have had to be carried out manually," said Brian Bailey, vice president of Financial Industry Marketing, NCR. "This can help them identify ways to make it easier for customers to carry out routine banking transactions and free up staff to focus on product sales."

APTRA Vision enables operational staff, business managers and executives to generate reports in an easier, faster and more repeatable way than has been possible in the past. Data is integrated, analyzed and presented in a range of graph, map or statistical formats for vendor management and business reporting purposes.

"NCR believes that NCR APTRA Vision will become the key nerve centre for managing a financial institution's service channels in the future," said Bailey. "We believe it will deliver a very fast return on investment and make significant contributions to improving availability, consumer service and business performance."

NCR management solutions are currently used to monitor more than 280,000 ATMs including ATMs managed by NCR's Managed Services solutions. NCR's Managed Services solutions and the predictive and proactive approach to services will be enhanced by the NCR APTRA Vision management portal capabilities. A smooth migration path is provided for customers wishing to upgrade from their current NCR managed service solution to NCR APTRA Vision and subscribe to its new channel analysis capabilities.

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