Unified Software enhances bank validation offering

Source: Unified Software

Unified Software, the leading web service provider of bank validation software, today announced plans to enhance its successful BankVal UK product.

The company will deliver BankVal UK in a new way, via the new REST (Representational State Transfer) web service protocol, that is expected to be widely adopted in the web services domain.

REST offers unique advantages over the existing web service standard, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol), which the majority of web service providers currently use. Unified Software will be one of the very first to provide its BankVal service via the REST protocol, to offer customers an enhanced, more streamlined service.

Unified Software is always looking for new; improved ways to ensure its products are delivered to customers in the best way possible. As such, BankVal will not only be provided via the new REST protocol but also continue to operate through SOAP.

"In a nutshell, REST is very easy to use, completely platform independent and always available - it doesn't require any additional software to get it working," said George Barron, Managing Director, and Unified Software. "The REST protocol is easier to develop at the server side and easier to use at the client or customer side - the most common feedback we've received from developers is around the simplicity of REST and many ask us in surprise if that's all there is to it. For customers, REST means that they can be up and running in a matter of minutes."

"SOAP can, in instances, pose interoperability problems for some businesses and thus prove difficult for them. This is because SOAP data messages can be complex and software tools need to be used to decipher the messages. REST, however, overcomes this problem by sticking to the basics. Instead of creating a whole new 'layer' of communication over the web as SOAP does, REST uses the core functions that are built into the web already, meaning any software that is web accessible is also REST accessible."

As REST doesn't require the software tools that SOAP does, it looks set to play a key role in the Software as a Service revolution, and Unified Software is one of the first web service providers to roll it out.

"Initial feedback from customers who are using BankVal UK via the new REST protocol has been positive," added Barron. "By providing BankVal via SOAP and REST, we are offering our customers choice, flexibility and increased efficiency, so that we can meet their needs as much as we can."

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