Tenfore targets Chinese investors with Shihua Financial Information alliance

Source: Tenfore Systems

Tenfore Systems and Shihua Financial Information today have announced the establishment of a strategic alliance.

Working in collaboration, Tenfore and Shihua have produced an international exchange data service which will be jointly offered to Chinese investors.

Through this alliance, Tenfore will deploy its Global Market Data Feed which includes data from equity, derivative and treasury markets spanning Europe and the United States on Shihua Financial Information's terminal services and website .

Tenfore Systems is a global provider of market data and technology solutions and with the collection of data from over 160 sources; the Tenfore Global Market Data Feed is the underlying source for all of their products. Tenfore provides a broad range of products that deliver value-added market data for today's professional user in a timely and reliable manner, accommodating those users who require high-quality fast-consolidated feeds through to those who need low latency availability through direct exchange connections or co-location and on-site processing.

Shihua Financial Information is the leading provider of financial information services in China, owned and operated by Shihua International Financial Information Co. With 15 years of successful market experience, Shihua terminal services is the foremost source of real-time and archived financial information, data, research and analysis for financial services firms, media companies and corporations in China. Shihua's commitment to the core values of client focus and professional information service are characterized in the "i-cube" dual monitor and "a-cube" financial information terminal product series. Shihua's comprehensive services encompass global economic and financial information, with an emphasis on equities, commodities and FOREX markets on a single platform.

Gordon Bloor, CEO of Tenfore, explains: "The strategic alliance represents Tenfore's commitment to both the region and Shihua, the premier provider of real time and archived financial information. Global data requires pioneering global partnerships, and our strategic alliance with Shihua will bring investors reliable data in a truly usable package. Tenfore's name, the quality of data and our robust implementation will provide Chinese investors with the confidence to make their most informed and most timely decisions.

Bettina Yang, General Manager of Shihua Financial Information, said, "As China's economy and financial markets continue to develop, Chinese investors will rely on broader information sources to make educated investment decisions to meet their financial goals. Authorized international exchanges data, as well as domestic financial data, information and analysis, will be crucial in the investment process. We are delighted to be working with Tenfore to provide Chinese investors with reliable global market data services, connecting the Chinese investment community to the global marketplace."

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