Xenomorph and Microsoft team on database management

Source: Xenomorph and Microsoft

Xenomorph and Microsoft have completed a benchmark project to ensure IT directors, risk managers and trading staff have access to high-performance tick and time-series analysis within a standards-based architecture.

Xenomorph's specialist time series technology will be able to run within Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - resulting in easier database management and administration. The technology will also allow IT developers to build on existing skills in SQL and Microsoft reporting tools, and free up time for risk managers and trading staff to focus on analysing data.

Driven by feedback from customers and prospects, Xenomorph and Microsoft have spent 18 months designing and developing the project. The first benchmark of the hybrid time-series technology was conducted on Microsoft SQL Server 2008, involving 750 billion price records within a 12 terabyte database.

"Choice is the key," explained Chris Budgen, chief technical architect at Xenomorph. "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2005 make it very easy to hook in new datatypes and functions. Our customers are calling for an easier way to manage their data, and our specialist knowledge of vector and time-series storage into Microsoft SQL Server made this partnership a natural step."

In addition to the SQL Server database management tools, technologists will be able to use standard SQL to access data while business users can continue to use Xenomorph's market-data aware language, TimeScape QL+, to easily analyse market data.

"SQL Server 2008 provides the platform for Microsoft's overall BI solution, delivering data warehousing, integration, analysis and reporting capabilities to customers" said David Hobbs-Mallyon, SQL Server Product Manager at Microsoft UK. "With partners like Xenomorph onboard, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is helping businesses to deal with the vast amount of data needed to be archived for reasons of compliance and industry regulation."

The offering is due for release end Q1 2009.

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