Fair Isaac teams with Experian for ActiView customer management system

Source: Fair Isaac

Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC), the leading provider of analytics and decision technology, and Experian, the leading global information solutions company, today announced a new joint initiative that provides lenders with fresh and complete customer information when they need it the most - at the time a customer decision is being made.

To deliver this capability, Fair Isaac is releasing a new data delivery and decisioning service called ActiView(SM). The service combines Experian's Notification Services(SM), the industry's most relied-upon technology for triggering account actions, with Fair Isaac's industry-leading account and customer management solution, TRIAD(TM) adaptive control system. In addition to event-based triggers - which provide daily notification of consumer credit behavior - and TRIAD capabilities, the ActiView service gives lenders access to Experian/Fair Isaac Risk Scores and a wide variety of valuable data sources.

"By bringing together some of the best capabilities that Experian and Fair Isaac have to offer, we are able to bring data updates and decisions closer together than ever before," said Craig Dillon, Fair Isaac's vice president of Global Scoring. "Many lenders find it difficult to adequately focus on accounts and opportunities that require the most attention because they feel overwhelmed by the amount of available data. By embedding Experian's Notification Services into ActiView, lenders are armed with the most current and relevant customer-specific information possible at the moment they need it, empowering them to make strategic decisions with confidence."

"Our Notification Services event-based triggering solution has been widely adopted in the financial industry," explained Laura DeSoto, senior vice president of Marketing for Experian Credit Information Solutions. "This new initiative with Fair Isaac brings the power of our triggering technology together with the powerful decisioning capabilities of the TRIAD system, which will allow our mutual clients to extract even more value from both solutions."

With Notification Services embedded into the ActiView service, monitored accounts are "triggered" by one or more events that indicate the need for action, such as the serious delinquency of a tradeline or the opening of a new tradeline. When a customer's account is triggered, a notification is generated and sent to the lender's TRIAD customer account management system through the ActiView service along with additional data, such as a refreshed FICO(R) score. The information is then applied by the system's strategic decisioning capabilities to refine customer treatments and immediately implement the most appropriate account actions - such as changing credit lines or cross-selling to existing customers.

The ActiView service enhances Notification Services by enabling lenders to access customer information on segments of their portfolio, including individual accounts, when credit decisions such as line increases or cross-selling are being made. The combination of triggering events based on external and internal data provides clients with the knowledge to minimize risk before losses occur, and to expand existing profitable customer relationships.

Current Notification Services clients can also take advantage of the ActiView service, which includes the ability to get FICO credit risk scores with their triggers and benefit from the immediate implementation of actions by integrating this information into their existing TRIAD system. They also now can use the ActiView service to pull fresh credit scores when needed, such as before executing a new marketing program.

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