LCL selects Atos Origin for banking messaging service

Source: Atos Worldline

Atos Worldline, an Atos Origin Company, was selected by French bank LCL to develop, build, run and host a secure banking Web 2.0 messaging service dedicated to client-advisor interaction.

Through the development of this innovative, secure, asynchronous and confidential communication channel, Atos Worldline is supporting one of the leading French bank to strengthen and widen its already existing client communication channels. The service targets a specific group of clients who have subscribed to the secure, on-line banking site LCL Interactif.

E-mail has become an unavoidable means of communication, and for banking it must meet strict security and confidentiality requirements. Only a dedicated messaging system developed specifically for private communication channels can meet these requirements.

LCL chose Atos Worldline to develop a global WebMail messaging system in Web 2.0 based on a highly secure platform to guarantee easy use and information confidentiality for clients and advisors. This tool meets standard messaging system requirements so that it can connect with the bank's existing routing and response software programmes. This innovative, state of the art banking message handling system dedicated to client-advisor communication is fully integrated in the bank's secure, on-line site and requires authentification to access it.

This banking message handling system project confirms Atos Worldline's position as a major player in electronic interaction between clients and advisors in the banking and insurance sectors.

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