Diebold wins Kleberg First National cheque imaging deal

Source: Diebold

With an outsourcing solution powered by ImageWay, Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) is assisting Kleberg First National Bank of Kingsville, Texas, in streamlining all the financial institution's check imaging and processing at 11 branches located across southern Texas.

Kleberg First National required a solution that would not only add efficiencies to its check handling and processing activities, but also assist employees in more effectively meeting end-of-day reconciliation deadlines. Moreover, in the face of rapidly rising fuel prices, the financial institution was seeking a way to process checks in-house to reduce courier costs associated with a third-party data processing center.

Leveraging Diebold's outsourcing solutions, Kleberg First National is implementing ImageWay to help lower transportation costs through electronic check transmission to Diebold's central processing site, where all data compilation takes place. This helps streamline the financial institution's operations while freeing up staff to focus on customer service rather than proofing and encoding checks. Additionally, with ImageWay's remote deposit capture technology, the financial institution is able to offer its business customers enhanced deposit capabilities.

"We're strategically widening our footprint and, as we do, it was important for us to expand our technological capabilities with a proven partner like Diebold," said Chip Collins, senior vice president, Kleberg First National Bank. "Diebold's ImageWay technology is enabling us to offer our customers faster service through more efficient check processing while greatly streamlining our back office processes. And, outsourcing this service through Diebold provides us with a customized solution based on actual check volumes, while other providers offered a one-size-fits-all service."

Diebold's ImageWay uses a secure, browser-based system with image-capture software and hardware that allow financial institutions to automate deposits. Processing and clearing checks electronically allows for same-day or next-day credit to customer accounts, which enables Kleberg First National to offer improved customer service in the form of increased availability of funds, including funds drawn on other institutions. With ImageWay, financial institution employees can better manage their workflow by capturing check and payment information as it arrives, rather than waiting until the end of the day. ImageWay also supports the financial institution's payment processing operations.

"We're excited to be working with Kleberg on implementing electronic check processing and continuing to play a key role in this financial institution's branch transformation activities," said Charles E. Ducey, Jr., senior vice president, global development and services, Diebold. "Offering ImageWay technology as an outsourcing service underscores our continued dedication to providing superior customer service while helping customers achieve the highest-level of operational efficiency."

Capitalizing on ImageWay's versatility, Kleberg First National also is increasing its service offerings through implementing ImageWay's remote deposit capture (RDC) at the commercial level, which enables check deposits to be made directly from a merchant's place of business, whether it be home or office. RDC technology allows commercial customers to scan checks and transmit the scanned images over an encrypted Internet connection to the financial institution where the deposit is accepted, validated, recorded and processed to the company's deposit account.

Among the numerous advantages of RDC for the financial institution's commercial customers are reduced time and expense of traveling to the branch, reduced account balancing time, enhanced funds availability, reduced storage space requirements and improved operational efficiencies. RDC is a component of Diebold's overall deposit automation solution, which makes depositing checks easier and more cost effective from the actual deposit transaction through the processing and account crediting stages. By outsourcing ImageWay solutions, Kleberg also is able to rely on Diebold for built-in disaster recovery, complete archiving capabilities and earlier fraud and error detection.

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