Iguana2 launches ASX and NZX market information platform

Source: Iguana2

A revolutionary market information platform for ASX and NZX professionals has been launched today, providing a clear trading advantage for users.

Spark is a desktop application that provides users with a comprehensive suite of ASX and NZX market information tools, including real-time depth, data visualisations, market playback, tick charting, market scanning, company news and data exporting functions.

"Spark has been developed by Iguana2 over the last four years and we are certain that it's the most sophisticated market information platform available today," Adam Rands, Chief Operating Officer Iguana2, said.

"Spark offers broking houses and wealth managers in Australia and New Zealand a viable alternative platform for the region," Rands said.

According to Rands, Spark is simple to use, yet advanced in its functionality.

"The recurrent theme with all of Spark's tools is a focus on usability and the clear communication of market activity," Rands said.

"Trading movements and changes are presented with the intelligent use of animation, colour, transitions, shading and scroll speeds. The use of these elements conveys subtle, yet highly valuable information and enables users to actively monitor more stocks."

Through its innovative market depth visualisation tools, Spark users can quickly analyse a stock's current trading position and subsequent movements in the open order book. A unique playback function allows users to rewind the current or previous days and have the historical trading activity replayed at various speeds. This powerful feature allows users to test their theories on trading behavior and can help users to identify momentum shifts, support and resistance levels, dummy orders and the presence of algorithmic trading.

Spark is unashamedly different, says Rands. "Spark's development has been unencumbered by legacy software and systems. It is the next generation market information platform for the professional market and is fast, flexible and highly functional."

"A key area where Iguana2 has focused heavily is the user interface for Spark," Rands said.

"The typical approach of using a windows style MDI interface is not suited to streaming market data. Annoying pop-ups, drop-downs, menu/scroll bars and overlapping windows all take up valuable screen real-estate, and often get in the way of what's actually important - the data. By developing our own purpose built user interface, market data takes centre stage and becomes accessible with unprecedented speed."

And with the broking industry facing increased costs and declining revenue due to the ongoing financial crisis, Spark will offer the industry some relief with a competitive pricing model.

"Spark is a robust platform whose unique features will make it an indispensable application for equity market professionals," said Rands.

"We've got a bold development roadmap for the inclusion of extra features and functionality over the coming quarters and we expect Spark to gain quick acceptance with domestic brokers, hedge funds and wealth managers."

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