Tibco Software to acquire General Interface

Source: Tibco Software

TIBCO Software Inc. (NASDAQ: TIBX), a leading enabler of real-time business and the world's largest independent business integration software company, has agreed to acquire General Interface, a privately held company that provides a solution for developing and deploying rich, high-performance client-side applications in a standards-based browser environment, subject to regulatory approval.

General Interface will provide the capability to build rich composite applications in a browser-based environment, enabling companies to leverage their existing IT investment.

With a library of extensible and high-performance user interaction, data management and communication components, General Interface makes it possible to give composite applications the features and performance characteristics typically found only in thick-client applications. Benefits of the TIBCO-General Interface combination include:
  • Rapid development and reduced cost using standard APIs, visual authoring tools, and support for IDE features like, step-through debugging and extensible reusable components.
  • Easy access to data and services enabling customers to subscribe to services in the network and bind them to client-side objects. Supports synchronous, asynchronous and real-time messaging for interoperation with TIBCOR and other infrastructure products.
  • Fast and easy deployment from any HTTP server by putting the General Interface files and your client-side logic in a Web accessible directory. There is no client executable or server executable to install.
  • Power of SOA at the presentation tier with General Interface's support for Web services and J2EE standards.

    The primary value of SOA is that it enables the reuse of existing functions and information, either standalone or as part of composite applications that perform more complex functions, by orchestrating numerous functions and pieces of information. The ability to compose services that can then be invoked standalone can dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of integrating incompatible applications. TIBCO and General Interface will provide developers with the ability to very quickly create, reconfigure and repurpose composite applications, enabling IT departments to quickly satisfy new and changing business requirements leveraging their existing technology assets.

    "Now TIBCO customers have access to a cross-platform solution for developing and deploying rich composite applications in a browser based environment," said Ram Menon, senior vice president of Marketing, TIBCO Software Inc.
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