Actimize and FIS collaborate on enterprise fraud management offering

Source: Actimize

Fidelity National Information Services, Inc. (FIS), a Fortune 500 company and a leading provider of core processing, card issuer and transaction processing services to financial institutions, today announced a strategic alliance with Actimize, a Nice company (NASDAQ: NICE), to deliver risk case management across the enterprise.

This alliance will provide institutions a market-leading advantage by enabling them to connect and investigate identified and suspected fraud activities across their organizations, replacing traditional information silos and other disconnected approaches.

The alliance is unique in its ability to deliver enterprise fraud and compliance investigation and management capabilities across the entire financial services marketplace, from small community-based institutions to large, global retail banks independent of the core platform or payment infrastructure. Financial institutions will benefit directly from this accelerated delivery resulting in a solution that will help them integrate FIS risk and fraud management solutions, and other industry applications while leveraging technology to improve regulatory compliance and productivity and reduce fraud losses.

The Actimize Risk Case Manager technology has been used by the largest financial institutions across the globe for more than six years. Actimize clients range from top-ten institutions with thousands of case manager users - including those at the branch level - while others use it at regional banks for a single department. In addition to gaining improved detection and compliance, Actimize clients can expect increased efficiencies and cost savings in their fraud detection activities.

"Financial crime is increasingly sophisticated and changing by the minute, resulting in more and more fraud," said Kay Nichols, executive vice president, FIS. "For many organizations the number of alerts is already overwhelming. Unless institutions can tackle it at the enterprise level - across channels and lines of business - and streamline their investigative process, it will be impossible to control. A critical first step is to implement a single case management system across the organization that gives institutions an integrated view of the alerts occurring and enables them to prioritise, coordinate and automate fraud investigation efforts."

More than 8,500 financial institutions rely on FIS for fraud and risk services across checking, credit, debit and item processing. Industry analysts point to an enterprise case management solution as the foundation of any move toward an enterprise fraud management approach. FIS' enterprise fraud management approach enables financial institutions to integrate these services with other third-party fraud management solutions and create a single fraud- integration hub. Once integrated, institutions can apply advanced analytics and business-rules processing to optimise their resources, control costs and minimize fraud losses.

"Two industry leaders, FIS and Actimize, are collaborating to make best-of-breed case management technology more easily available, powerful and valuable to financial institutions of all sizes," said Amir Orad, executive vice president and chief marketing officer of Actimize. "Pairing the Actimize case management solution with FIS' platforms and risk management services will bring a new level of intelligence to financial institutions' fraud, risk and compliance practices."

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