Fabric delivers Cisco unified communications system to Turquoise

Source: Fabric Technologies

Turquoise Trading - the pan European Trading Platform backed by nine investment banks - has deployed a sophisticated new unified communications system designed and implemented by Fabric Technologies.

Turquoise briefed Fabric with the creation of a secure, resilient and compliant system that could support market operations and help employees communicate effectively from wherever they happened to be located, confident in the knowledge that they would be able to do business in as flexible, sophisticated and reliable a way possible

Fabric took the time to understand the business before designing a system comprised of seamlessly integrated Cisco technologies that were customised to create a solution that fitted hand-in-glove with Turquoise's exact requirements. Fabric's CEO, Misha Gopaul, comments:

"Collaboration and consultation have been vital at all stages of the process. In order to design a system that delivered tangible business benefits for Turquoise, we met stakeholders throughout every department of the organisation to understand how communications needed to work within the business and exactly what they required from the solution. It was their feedback that shaped the bespoke solution that we designed."

Working closely with Turquoise's other technology partners - including infrastructure specialists Atlanta Technology - Fabric's solution implemented a full suite of Cisco Unified Communications technologies, along with complementary solutions such as voice recording from tried and tested vendors, all seamlessly integrated with the Turquoise Microsoft environment and applications.

As well as a resilient platform for normal business operations, the entire communications system is operational at Turquoise's Disaster Recovery (DR) site and designed to allow Turquoise to remain operational and fully FSA compliant through physical location, multiple equipment, network or line failures. Failover is automatic and requires no human intervention, ensuring that the critical market operations remain always available.

Yann L'Huillier, Chief Technology Officer of Turquoise said "A fully fault tolerant telephone system is paramount to Turquoise's high quality of customer service; it is vital for us to be able to communicate to our customers at all times regardless of our physical location. Fabric has implemented a state of the art telecommunication system that provides us with total peace of mind".

Fabric will be continuing to operate the solution, providing a full-time, dedicated support service that is unique in its scope. Running the communications infrastructure in much the same way as if it were a managed service, the ongoing relationship is governed by a sophisticated Service Level Agreement (SLA).

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