CPI receives Multos certification

Source: CPI Card Group

CPI Card Group (CPI), a global leader in financial and commercial card manufacturing and services, announces its certification for a full range of Dual Interface MasterCard solutions using the Multos Operating System and PayPass.

CPI listened to the market and delivered the ability for four-line embossing without compromising the antenna distance and reading ability. CPI developed a unique method that allows the greatest durability and the best reading distance in the market. Its suite of solutions for Dual Interface includes the 8K Step One, the 36K Multos and the 80K Multos I4F.

Anna Rossetti, President of CPI - Canada, states, "We are extremely excited to offer a full range of Dual Interface solutions to the Canadian MasterCard issuers, in particular given their acceptance of combining EMV with contactless technology. CPI's focus on offering the market the best performance and durability will give the financial institutions the confidence in CPI and they will no doubt take advantage of them." This latest offering comes with the traditional PayPass contactless technology that CPI has been offering over the last five years to the largest issuers in the market.

Oliver Manahan, Vice President, Advanced Payments, for MasterCard Canada Inc., says, "We are pleased CPI is providing further alternatives to MasterCard issuers in Canada with these exciting new products. With the success of PayPass and the onset of EMV migration in Canada, this is an ideal time for the introduction of these products into the Canadian marketplace."

ACT Canada welcomes CPI's increased activity in the Canadian market. Catherine Johnston, President & CEO said, "A highly competitive market moves at a quicker pace. CPI has been a member of our association for many years and their new focus on EMV and Canada will help the momentum of our market." ACT Canada, entering its 20th year, is the stakeholder association focused on secure payment and secure identity management.

Laurence Sterling, Technology Manager at MULTOS International (formally known as Keycorp), adds, "CPI's innovative dual interface solution brings a new high performance option to all our customers."

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