CIBC introduces express ATM withdrawal

Source: CIBC

CIBC customers are now able to personalize their transactions with CIBC Express Withdrawal at CIBC's Instant Teller machines. The new service, along with other personalized transactions, is now available at the CIBC Instant Teller machines on the concourse level of the branch at the Atrium on Bay in Toronto. Over the next year, CIBC expects to have 2,900 ABMs with the new features installed.

"Just about everyone is pressed for time so we're always looking for ways to make ABM transactions faster and easier for our customers," said Domenic Ciccone, Senior Director, ABM Channel. "If you normally take out $60 from your chequing account at a bank machine and you want a receipt, you will be able to preset these preferences as your Express Withdrawal, rather than answering the normal series of questions."

Along with the personalization available with CIBC Express Withdrawal transactions, CIBC Instant Teller machines will be equipped with a Deposit Calculator, so customers will not need to add up their deposits manually. A customer only needs to enter the amount of each deposit and the Deposit Calculator will automatically calculate and enter the total deposit amount.

These new services are made possible by the introduction of new-generation software, APTRA Edge, from NCR. This software gives CIBC customers the ability to pre-select their most frequent transactions, which means fewer screens to navigate and time savings.

"Independent research commissioned by NCR shows that a majority of Canadian ABM users see value in being able to personalize their ABM transactions," said Nicholas Hames, Vice President of NCR's Financial Solutions Division in Canada. "Banks introducing personalized transactions in North America, Europe and Asia have experienced take-up rates by almost two thirds of their customers. Faster, personalized transactions are set to be the future for ABMs in Canada."

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