RBS launches MaxTrad Express

Source: Royal Bank of Scotland

The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS) announces the launch of MaxTrad Express and the expanded availability of MaxTrad.

The two web-based trade and supply chain finance solutions significantly extend RBS' portfolio of trade and supply chain offerings across key markets in EMEA. This highlights RBS' focus on providing tailored, flexible solutions for businesses of different size and scope engaging in international trade.

MaxTrad Express, a new online solution designed specifically to meet the needs of small and medium-sized companies conducting low volumes of trade transactions, is available initially to RBS Group holdings in Romania and UAE. A progressive roll-out will continue worldwide over several months. The solution will also be available in multiple languages.

MaxTrad Express reduces the complexity of conducting trade and gives businesses an accurate, real-time view of their trade transaction portfolios on demand. This visibility allows greater risk and audit control, better understanding of overall cash positions, and improved forecasting. MaxTrad Express also frees clients from paper-driven processes that can be fraught with errors, inaccuracies and time delays.

RBS is also augmenting offerings to its large corporate client base that conduct high-volume trade. Effective immediately, the award-winning MaxTrad global trade platform, attained through RBS Group's acquisition of ABN AMRO is available to RBS Group's client base across the UK, US and Ireland, including Citizens Bank and Ulster Bank. MaxTrad is deployed in over 36 countries today.

Daniel Cotti, Head of Global Trade Finance, Global Transaction Services, RBS said: "RBS is committed to expanding its extensive trade finance and supply chain expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of solutions well-matched to the diverse needs of client companies across multiple market segments." He continued: "Offering distinct solutions geared to large corporate, mid-market and commercial banking sectors fulfils a cross-industry need for more flexible, efficient and collaborative environments for immporters and exporters to manage domestic and international trade activities."

MaxTrad and MaxTrad Express enable companies to achieve their financial trade goals with the tools and value-added information needed to manage both domestic and international trade transactions from purchase to payment. The robust, scalable solutions leverage state-of-the-art technology and vast trade knowledge to provide clients:

  • A single point for managing and settling trade transactions from purchase to payment
  • Enhanced automation and streamlined workflows
  • Efficient management of working capital
  • Improved visibility and transparency
  • Valuable risk mitigation and compliance tools
  • Ability for increased trading partner collaboration
  • Global access to real-time information and reporting

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