SWX Swiss Exchange becomes SIX Swiss Exchange

Source: SIX Swiss Exchange

SWX Swiss Exchange AG has changed its name to SIX Swiss Exchange Ltd.

The renaming is yet another step in the implementation of the brand strategy of SIX Group (formerly, Swiss Financial Market Services) that was announced on 21 August 2008.

In parallel with the introduction of the name SIX Swiss Exchange, the name of its subsidiary company EXFEED AG has also changed. The provider of raw financial market data is now officially known as SIX Exfeed Ltd.

The new brand architecture of SIX Group on one hand underscores the shared identity of its subsidiaries - which are involved in securities trading, securities-related services, financial information and payment transactions - even as the Group benefits from the existing brand recognition of those integrated companies. This is made possible because the previous corporate names will now be preceded with the abbreviation SIX, which stands for Swiss Infrastructure and Exchange.

At the outset of 2008, the Swiss financial market infrastructure providers SWX Group, Telekurs Group and SIS Group merged to create Swiss Financial Market Services, which now named SIX Group. The enterprise, with its approximately 3,600 employees in 23 countries, is a cornerstone of the Swiss financial marketplace.


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