Kognitio and KXEN team on analytics for SMEs and corporates

Source: Kognitio

The industry's quickest, most productive and easiest to use data mining automation solution today joins forces with one of the market's fastest and most scalable databases in a technology partnership that will deliver high performance analytics for businesses of all sizes planning marketing, sales, retention and other customer campaigns.

The alliance - between data mining automation leader KXEN and leading global provider of business intelligence and data warehousing solutions Kognitio - will allow Kognitio to offer its customers an integrated solution that combines the unique strengths of KXEN's advanced analytics and Kognitio's WX2 analytical database. Users will benefit by getting the vital customer insight they need in a few hours, rather than the days or weeks traditionally required.

In addition the relationship will help make advanced predictive analytics and data warehousing available to smaller organisations without big company budgets and resources. KXEN's low cost of ownership and ease of use coupled with Kognitio's Data warehousing as a Service
(DaaS) means companies no longer need teams of highly skilled analysts or costly hardware infrastructure to compete on equal terms.

"This partnership for the first time makes high performance analytics and data warehousing readily accessible to any business," said KXEN's founder and CEO Roger Haddad. "Combining KXEN's software with Kognitio's DaaS offers an easy way for any company, whether SME or large corporate, to unlock the benefits of industry-leading analytics without having to make heavy upfront financial or resource commitments."

Kognitio's CEO Roger Llewellyn said: "The relationship is a natural one given the excellent fit between the two companies' technologies and approaches to market. As the industry demands ever quicker, ever smarter responses to customer demand, integrating KXEN's software and Kognitio's DaaS offering brings to the market an affordable and readily accessible solution that combines each company's individual strengths."

KXEN's next generation technology allows unmatched speed, ease of use and scalability. It automates processes that are manual, iterative and highly time-consuming in first-generation data mining applications. By integrating KXEN into their enterprise applications and business processes, companies can enhance corporate performance by getting the accurate predictions and deep insight they need to achieve business goals.

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