CIECC recruits China Systems for collaborative trade portal project

Source: China Systems

China Systems, a trade services solutions vendor, announced today that China International Electronic Commerce Center (CIECC) will use China Systems J2EE Enterprise Solutions in its new collaborative Trade Portal project.

The project's target solution "Gold Trade" will enable a corporation to connect its ERP system directly to the electronic channels of banks' international settlement systems. The multi-bank platform will also provide CIECC's expanding community of Chinese exporters with access to international settlement and trade finance services, via a single web-based interface, using China Systems' J2EE solution platform. The platform will act as a Financial Supply Chain services channel between banks and corporations, using physical supply chain and logistics information, data that is vital in supporting global payment and financing processes.

CIECC will manage the operation directly, with China Systems providing technical support, software expertise and service consulting.

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