ING Direct rolls out Trusteer anti-fraud software to Canadian customers

Source: ING Direct

ING DIRECT announced today that it is the first Canadian bank to offer Trusteer Rapport, industry leading software to protect against online fraud, free to all of its Clients.

The software download is being launched alongside a new security guarantee, which guarantees ING DIRECT Clients will be reimbursed of any money lost in an ING DIRECT account due to fraud.

Trusteer Rapport protects consumers from identity theft and malware threats including: phishing, pharming, keyloggers, man-in-the-middle attacks, man-in-the-browser attacks, screen-scrapers, and session hijacking, complementing existing desktop security products, even if computers are already infected with malware. The software is entirely transparent and does not require any configuration or maintenance once installed. Rapport creates a "secure-pipe" within the computer that protects all information flowing between the machine and the ING DIRECT web site. Although ING DIRECT is recommending all Clients download the software, it is not required for Clients to be eligible for the security guarantee, and you don't have to be an ING DIRECT Client to download the software.

"Online security is a growing concern as Canadians become more comfortable using the Internet for secure transactions," says Brenda Rideout, Chief Information Officer at ING DIRECT. "As Canada's leading direct bank, protection of personal information online is a key priority. That's why we are going above and beyond with what we believe to be one of the simplest security guarantees offered by any Canadian financial institution and offering Trusteer's Rapport as a free, added security feature to all of our Clients."

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