BHF-Bank licenses TraderTools liquidity management platform

Source: TraderTools

TraderTools LLC (TraderTools), a provider of business solutions, software and services to financial institutions trading in FX, announced today that BHF-BANK (BHF), one of the largest private banks in Germany, has licensed TraderTools' Liquidity Management Platform (LMP) to facilitate FX trading.

Headquartered in Frankfurt, BHF manages large FX trading volumes every day and intends to use TraderTools' LMP as the core front-office system for its Currency Trading Department.

The TraderTools Liquidity Management Platform is the only system to integrate the four disciplines of electronic FX trading: pricing, dealing, order management and execution. Its unique Dynamic Liquidity Manager monitors and controls inward and outward liquidity flows and makes pricing and execution decisions in real time. For example, BHF will be able to take advantage of auto-hedging capabilities based on positions.

"With TraderTools' Liquidity Management Platform, not only can we aggregate liquidity and see full market depth on a single screen," explained Joerg Isselmann, Head of the Currency Division of BHF. "We can also manage orders and execute manually or automatically according to pre-defined rules, with the added benefit of full STP. No other solution we have seen in the market can currently provide that kind of functionality."

"We are excited about BHF joining the ranks of leading FX traders seeking our liquidity management solutions," added Mark Mayerfeld, Executive VP, International Sales at TraderTools. "Following license agreements with Julius Baer and TD Securities, we intend to support our customers fully with quick implementation and expert advice every step of the way."


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