CoCoNet adds hardware security module to bank server

Source: CoCoNet

CoCoNet, a leading supplier of e-banking solutions for European banks and corporate customers, enhances the bank server MULTIVERSA IBS International Banking Server by a Hardware Security Module (HSM) for the secure storage of bank's cryptographic keys.

MULTIVERSA IBS is the central platform for banks collecting their e-banking and cash-management applications to one middleware application for different target groups and countries. MULTIVERSA IBS acts as a uniform and scalable server system with multi-client capability. It links different channels in the front-and back-end, various access channels for customers, back office systems and access channels to third-party banks.

In order to always meet the latest security requirements CoCoNet constantly works on product enhancements. Particularly in intensive workshops customers together with CoCoNet discuss upcoming issues from their practical experience and formulate implementation plans. A security enhancement deals with the bank's cryptographic keys that are stored in the MUTLIVERSA IBS data base so far. These can be stored in a Hardware Security Module (HSM) in the future. Every cluster node of MULTIVERSA IBS will be equipped with a separate HSM.

HSMs are peripheral devices for the secure storage of bank keys. In order to improve the security of the applied cryptographic keys the HSM protects them both against software attacks and hardware or physical attacks. HSMs offer substantial functionalities for a secure storage and management of bank keys. Examples are: The authentication of operators and administrators at the HSM by hardware token (e.g. chip card or security token), access security following the n-eyes principal, encrypted backups of keys and configuration data, and secure cloning of the HSM.

With the integration of an HSM into MULTIVERSA IBS CoCoNet offers all banks an additional option to further improve their security level.

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