Viveo Cognitive Systems opens Hong Kong office

Source: Viveo Cognitive Systems

Viveo Cognitive Systems (VCS), a member of the Viveo Group, is pleased to announce that it has successfully expanded into South East Asia.

In a move designed to better serve its new and existing customers, VCS has established an Asia-Pacific headquarters in the Asian banking capital of Hong Kong. This significantly enhances Viveo's presence in the region.

Maurice Kern, General Manager of VCS was keen to point out: 'We are well established in many regions of the world and have offices in Belgium, France, the UK and the US. From this base we have implemented numerous global solutions for our international clients and now we feel the time is right to open an office in Asia.'

This theme is reinforced by Amanda Gilmour, VCS Business Manager who said: 'The decision to open an office in Asia was taken following the signing of a contract with an international Asian bank. This allows VCS to more effectively support our existing partners in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur as well as those in New Zealand.'

Significantly VCS software already recognises and interprets multiple alphabets and languages such as Arabic, Chinese and Hebrew, hence existing software solutions do not have to be altered for this new market. At the same time VCS is in the process of developing additional products to meet the unique and specialised requirements of the regional financial industry.

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