CMA upgrades DataVision

Source: CMA

CMA, the credit information specialist, today announced the release of DataVision 2.1, an upgraded and expanded version of its market leading, same-day price verification service for the OTC credit derivatives market, much favored by buy-side institutions.

DataVision provides portfolio and risk managers with independent price verification for CDS, indices and tranches based on a unique buy-side consortium model. DataVision 2.1 will include enhanced curve modeling and additional features including improved Bid-Offer Spreads, Cumulative Probability of Default, PV01 calculations, Hazard Rates and Liquidity Metrics as part of the end-of day file. The expanded data set will be made available both to users who receive the data directly from CMA and those who access the data through CMA's distribution partners.

This is the first major product release from CMA since it was acquired by CME Group in March this year and follows on from an announcement earlier this summer that CMA had enhanced its ability to value thinly traded and illiquid CDS tranches and tranchelets in DataVision.

"We are very pleased to release DataVision 2.1 to satisfy growing client demand for the product. The enhancements we have made reflect market participant's desire for increased color and analytics to better contextualize the pricing information we provide to them as well as leverage our analytics for easier integration for valuation and risk management." Said Laurent Paulhac, CMA's CEO. "In these volatile markets, our buy-side contribution model has proven to be far more accurate than the alternative methods from other pricing service providers in the market. With this new version of DataVision, we are further separating ourselves from our competitors."

CMA DataVision is a high quality, same day, consensus based price verification data service for CDS, Indices and Tranches, used primarily for mark-to-market, flash P&L, research and analytics.

It is sourced from 34 buy-side firms including leading Hedge Funds, Asset Managers and the buy-side desks of global Investment Banks.

CMA QuoteVision scans free form messages, harvests pricing information, and stores it in a client side database. It speeds up and simplifies price discovery, imp, improving trading performance and providing valuable information not only for the front-office team, but also risk, finance and research groups.

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