RushTrade links equities trading system to eSignal platform

Source: eSignal

Rush Financial Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:RSHF), (RushTrade(R)Group) and eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE:IDC), a provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision-support tools, today announced that RushTrade has linked its direct access equities trading technologies to eSignal's decision-support applications.

eSignal's analytical software now connects to the online direct access instant order routing technologies from RushTrade and its retail brokerage division, RushTrade Securities, Inc. RushTrade users may now access alerts, advanced charting and analysis tools in the eSignal application that help them make more informed trading decisions and take instant action. In addition, customers are able to "paper trade" their accounts with eSignal, allowing users to test their trading ideas on "paper" first and learn which transactions produced favorable results.

"We joined forces with eSignal because we wanted to offer our customers a sophisticated charting package with the ability to customize formulas and back test strategies," said D. M. Rusty Moore, CEO of RushTrade Group. "We wanted our online trading technology linked to a package of advanced technical tools to offer a comprehensive trading platform to our clients. With eSignal, our retail and institutional customers can now get both real-time equities market data and direct-access order routing and execution from within a single screen for one of the best, most flexible real-time investing experiences."

"Teaming with RushTrade enables us to provide a comprehensive offering by combining the award-winning decision-support tools from eSignal with direct access trading technology developed by RushTrade," said Chuck Thompson, President of eSignal. "This pairing offers traders advantages designed to help them identify potential opportunities faster and execute trades more effectively."

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