DataSynapse integrates FabricServer with VMware VirtualCenter

Source: DataSynapse

DataSynapse, Inc., a world leader in dynamic application service management software for the next-generation data centre, today announced that it is working with VMware, the global leader in virtualisation solutions from the desktop to the data centre, to provide customers with simplified deployment and operational management of application platforms and services to facilitate always on, always responsive virtualised applications.

As a member of the VMware Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) programme, DataSynapse plans to integrate its FabricServer dynamic application service management software specifically with VMware VirtualCenter, which enables administrators to provision, monitor and manage their virtual data centres through a single console. This integration will allow IT organisations to automate deployment and provisioning and optimise service levels of server applications in a virtualised infrastructure, helping them to reduce capital and operating costs while delivering order of magnitude improvement in time to market for critical business applications.

DataSynapse's FabricServer software is an enabling platform for standardising and automating the configuration, activation, scaling and aligning application service levels with planned business policies, which minimises downtime, automates service level management and improves enterprise application performance. Combined with VMware VMotion technology, VMware's unique live migration capability, FabricServer provides responsive horizontal scalability.

"Customers use VMware solutions to drive optimisation, utilisation, and cost efficiencies for their infrastructure investments," said Peter Lee, CEO & co-founder of DataSynapse. "With this integration we can offer customers the ability to dynamically provision applications in a VMware environment. The resulting integrated interoperability between different layers in the virtualisation stack is a prime example of what is required for next-generation data centre initiatives."

"DataSynapse brings a rich history of enterprise grid orchestration capabilities to the virtualised data centre," said Brian Byun, vice president of global partners and solutions at VMware. "We look forward to the close integration of DataSynapse's technologies with VMware Infrastructure and VMware VirtualCenter to simplify application management and align service levels to business requirements in multi-tier, packaged, and custom application environments."

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