Nestlé Purina launches ATM ad campaign for cat food

Source: ATM:ad

Nestlé PURINA will be incorporating ATM advertising into its integrated outdoor advertising campaign for PURINA ONE Natural Balance cat food.

The dynamic advert for PURINA ONE Natural Balance cat food went live on Monday, July 14, 2008. It runs for two weeks on ATM:ad and will be viewed as customers wait for their cash to be dispensed.

The campaign will broadcast on cash machines located at Tesco stores across London, targeting consumers in close proximity to the point of purchase. The campaign will feature a branded receipt dynamically printed with a different call to action, depending on whether or not the product is available in that particular store.

Users of ATMs at the selected Tesco stores in which PURINA ONE Natural Balance is available will be encouraged to go in store to redeem a half price voucher, delivered on their ATM receipt. Those who request a receipt from an ATM at other Tesco stores, will be invited to send a text to receive a free sample of the product. The outcome of the most successful approach will determine the strategy for future activity.

"ATM:ad allows us to bring a relevant promotion to consumers when they are close to the point of decision-making, on the high street or even in the shop," said Natacha Mauvoisin, brand manager, Nestlé Purina UK. "What's more, ATM:ad delivers a platform for us to accurately monitor the effectiveness of our coupon strategy, which is also part of the campaign on escalator panels and online. Being able to offer samples or discounts depending on exact location ensures that our marketing efforts can be very targeted and timely."

The campaign was bought by Source, Out of Home.

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