ING selects Fox Technologies to control access to servers

Source: Fox Technologies

Fox Technologies, a leading provider of comprehensive Enterprise Access Control Management solutions, today announced that ING, a major global financial services company, has selected FoxT's BoKS Access Control for Servers as their preferred standard for controlling access to their enterprise servers.

ING will deploy the FoxT solution to centralize access management and authentication across their Unix, Linux, and Virtual servers resulting in more efficient administration of user accounts, controlled delegation of privileged accounts, and streamlined IT audits.

"We have been using BoKS Access Control for Servers in our organization for over a year, and found that it enables us to implement centralized, fine-grained management of user populations and access controls across our diverse server platforms resulting in greatly simplified administration and IT audit reporting," said Erwin Elings, Security Consultant at ING. "We also liked the fact that with the same FoxT solution, we are able to effectively control delegation of privileged accounts and centralize management of SSH and passwords. Based on that positive experience, and our commitment to effectively securing customer information, we made the decision to select BoKS Access Control for Servers as our preferred standard and will further deploy the solution across our enterprise."

"We selected FoxT because their solution has proven scalability and reliability, the broadest range of support for servers, and a unique blend of capabilities that ensure controlled delegation of privileged and root accounts," said Brendan Fox, Master Security Officer at ING. "And it enables us to significantly reduce the cost of administering user accounts while improving our ability to have successful IT audits."

The deployment of BoKS Access Control for Servers enables ING to:

  • Enforce security policies and fine-grained access controls across diverse servers
  • Centralize entitlement administration and role management
  • Flexibly define how users should authenticate when accessing specific servers
  • Control delegation of privileged and root accounts
  • Automate certification and authorization including access route control
  • Centralize management of SSH and passwords
  • Consolidate user access logs and audit reporting
  • Encrypt network communication

"We are very excited that ING selected FoxT as their enterprise standard for controlling access to their servers," said Subhash Tantry, CEO of FoxT. "Our mission is to provide best-in-class enterprise access control management solutions to the marketplace, so when a world-class organization selects your product as their preferred standard, you know you are on the right track. We are glad to be part of ING's proactive approach to achieving corporate compliance while delivering secure information services efficiently and effectively."

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