Comdata chooses Kabira for payments processing platform

Source: Comdata Processing Systems

Comdata Processing Systems (CPS), a leading merchant processor, and Kabira Technologies, Inc., the leader in extreme transaction processing technology for payments, today announce the implementation of a new, highly reliable payments transaction processing platform.

Designed to easily address the current rigorous business requirements for merchant transactions, the CPS platform is also engineered to support the long-term business growth of its customers.

Comdata selected Kabira technology because of its proven capability to deliver highly reliable and high-performance software on open systems for some of the largest payments processing organizations in the world. Kabira's memory resident architecture, which pairs logic and transaction data "in memory," enables it to produce transaction speeds that far exceed that of alternatives, including grid technology.

"We selected Kabira technology for our payments switch, because CPS handles mission-critical payments processes for our customers," said Rod Katzfey, senior vice president and general manager of CPS. "This responsibility to our customers compels us to use technology that has been proven to be as robust and scalable as required by the most demanding circumstances."

Kabira's reliability, availability and flexibility of its architecture will allow CPS to bring new solutions to market much faster.

"Kabira technology has a reputation for delivering high-availability on open systems hardware that was previously only thought to be obtainable from mainframe solutions," said Paul Sutton, president and chief executive officer of Kabira. "But our products are actually built to deliver on three dimensions -- the need for higher performance, the need to better manage costs and the need for business flexibility," continued Sutton. "Our Payment Switch, like all Kabira extreme transaction processing products, is architected to not only deliver extreme performance, but extreme ROI and extreme time-to-market as well."

CPS will be leveraging this flexibility to provide improved processing, risk management and PCI compliance capabilities to its customers, allowing the company to quickly respond to market needs.


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