Aladdin and IdenTrust team on online banking security

Source: Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Aladdin Knowledge Systems an information security leader specializing in authentication, software DRM and content security, today announced a partnership with IdenTrust, who possesses the only global bank-centric identity network, to provide identity authentication solutions for secure online banking and financial transactions.

Aladdin and IdenTrust are collaborating to offer certificate-based two-factor authentication for unmatched security, enabling financial organizations in the United States, Europe and Asia to implement next-generation technology to improve the security of e-commerce, fight identity theft, increase customer trust and drive revenue.

Aladdin and IdenTrust will develop joint initiatives to drive future innovation and expand the options available for secure online banking and other industries requiring globally interoperable certificate-based transactions. A premier provider of authentication solutions to global financial institutions and the United States government, IdenTrust has won numerous awards and received global recognition from Ernst and Young, Bank Technology News and Financial-i.

Aladdin eToken PRO is certified by IdenTrust to be compliant with the IdenTrust Rule Set, which provides a standards-based approach for identity authentication and validation developed by the global financial services community and accepted in more than 175 countries. The IdenTrust Rule Set delivers an interoperable framework that enables regulatory compliance for high-assurance identities which are legally binding and universally applicable for all forms of electronic transactions.

"IdenTrust is partnering with Aladdin to complement our bank-issued identity credentials, providing high-quality and robust smartcard technology that financial institutions and their customers can trust and rely upon," said Karen Wendel, Chief Executive Officer at IdenTrust."

Authentication, Encryption and Digital Signatures

IdenTrust validates the identity associated with the transaction, but not the data associated with the transaction -- preserving the integrity and confidentiality of transmitted data. Online banking conducted while authenticated with the Aladdin-IdenTrust solution is encrypted, making data inaccessible to unauthorized persons as well as eliminating phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. Secure digital signatures authorize electronic documents, emails and transactions to the same level of legal protection as traditional ink-and-paper signatures.


Combining authentication, encryption and digital signing, the Aladdin-IdenTrust solution assists organizations in complying with a multitude of regulatory requirements including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, PCI, and FFIEC initiatives for Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC).

"IdenTrust certification of Aladdin eToken is a testament to the strength of eToken in the global authentication market," said Phil Pavay, vice president of global business development at Aladdin Knowledge Systems. "By partnering with IdenTrust, Aladdin is able to expand the range of eToken services to incorporate IdenTrust's globally-recognized Trust Network certificates for the highest security in online financial transactions."

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