Equifax Canada launches fraud prevention tool

Source: Equifax Canada

Equifax Canada today announced the launch of Citadel, the most advanced application fraud prevention and management tool of its kind available in Canada.

Utilizing a cross-industry universe of both applications and known suspect frauds, Citadel has been developed by Equifax for lenders in recognition of their urgent need to step up their defenses against application fraud and to prevent serious financial losses.

Citadel is the only product that gives the users true control of their fraud strategies to cut fraud losses, improve false positives rates, and improve operational efficiencies. Critically, Citadel specifically enables organizations to seamlessly bridge the all-important link between the fraud investigation and account opening teams.

"Citadel takes application fraud prevention to a new level in Canada," said Carol Gray, President of Equifax Canada. "Today's fraudsters are more sophisticated, and Equifax has responded with a cutting-edge solution that gives our clients more power than ever to fight them," she continued.

Offering a comprehensive range of checks on applicants, Citadel enables the detection of fraudulent applications with ease and reliability.

Identify, mitigate, rank, and focus on potential fraud with Citadel

The full flexibility and features of Citadel enable you to identify, mitigate, rank, and focus on those potential frauds that carry the most risk to your business. It also enables you to monitor and hone in on the performance of your rules, priority workflows, and application reviewers. This collective capability allows you to effectively set and manage strategies that truly optimize your overall fraud investigation and prevention performance.

Powerful cross functional coordinated fraud prevention

Citadel is used by your fraud investigators to investigate potential frauds and by your fraud policy team to manage your fraud strategies. This means that when fraud investigators identify suspicious patterns of data from Citadel investigations, new front-end fraud policy can be quickly deployed in Citadel to minimize potential losses.

Organizations can benefit from having fully coordinated defenses from direct links between the front office application approvals process, and the back office fraud investigation processes.

Identify fraudulent applications and potential fraud rings

Utilizing a single database of frauds and applications, Citadel is specifically designed to match on previous applications and frauds in a single search. This helps optimize resources to identify both strong links to known previous frauds and spot potential fraud rings.

Robust reliability and performance from a trusted supplier

Citadel is delivered through tried and tested delivery channels with a proven track record of processing millions of inquiries per year.

Applications universe

Selectively match incoming applications to a universe of previous applications to help spot suspicious patterns of data and potential fraud rings.

Performance management

Access to information on the performance of your rules, rule sets, and fraud investigators will enable you to evaluate the effectiveness of your fraud strategies, so you can modify as necessary.

Fraud policy rules

Manage your fraud rules and prioritize your risk levels to optimize your refer, false, and positive rates.

Workflow management

Set, prioritize, and manage your own operational workflows to focus your fraud prevention resources where you need them most.

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