Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma endorses SecureWorks

Source: SecureWorks

Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma (CBAO) has endorsed the services of SecureWorks, one of the market's leading Security as a Service providers.

The endorsement will allow CBAO and SecureWorks to work together to promote IT security services to CBAO's member banks.

SecureWorks' services include 24x7 monitoring and/or management of security devices and information assets including firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection devices, network devices and servers by GIAC-certified experts.

SecureWorks also provides log monitoring, encrypted e-mail services, vulnerability scanning and threat intelligence. SecureWorks' newest offering is SIM on Demand, a software-as-a-service (Saas) solution that collects and analyzes logs and alerts from security devices and information assets in real time without having to install and manage SIM software or hardware.

SecureWorks' professional services offerings will also be available to member banks and include retained incident response services, security program development, compliance preparation/reporting, risk assessments and emergency phishing takedown services.

"We are excited and honored that CBAO has chosen SecureWorks as their endorsed security services provider, and we look forward to working with CBAO to provide its member banks with our robust and cutting-edge services," said Mike Cote, chairman, president and CEO of SecureWorks.

Because SecureWorks' solutions are delivered as a service, no infrastructure management is required making SecureWorks' solutions easy to use and cost effective. Currently, SecureWorks provides security services to over 1,200 financial institutions in North America.

"CBAO realizes how important it is for their members to have the appropriate security protections in place. In May 2008 alone, we blocked over 163 million hacker attacks attempted against our clients. The threat continues to evolve every day, so keeping ahead of the criminals is critical," continued Cote.

The Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma is a member-driven trade association. CBAO is governed by a board of directors consisting of up to 18 Oklahoma bankers: nine representing geographic areas around the state, an executive committee of four bankers along with the president and CEO of CBA, and up to five at-large directors representing Oklahoma member banks regardless of geographic region. The board of directors, after a thorough review process, unanimously decided to endorse SecureWorks' services because of SecureWorks' reputation for fighting cybercrime, employing cutting-edge technologies and utilizing their top-notch Counter Threat Unit(TM) research team.

"The Community Bankers Association of Oklahoma continues to look for ways to bring value to its member banks while aggressively working to protect their franchise value. That is why we are pleased to be able to endorse SecureWorks as our designated security provider," said Craig Buford, president and CEO of CBAO. "The SecureWorks partnership will enable us to offer our member banks cutting-edge security solutions, while keeping us up-to-date on any new, important security information. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with SecureWorks and introducing them to even more of our Oklahoma banks."

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