Google and CNBC start distributing Nyse data

Source: Nyse Euronext

The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), a subsidiary of Nyse Euronext (NYX), today will introduce Nyse Realtime Stock Prices, a new data product that enables Internet and media organizations to buy real-time, last-trade market data from the NYSE and provide it broadly and free of charge to the public.

Google and CNBC are the first organizations to make the product available to the public, effective today.

"NYSE Realtime Stock Prices will provide investors with free, immediate and easily accessible information, without requiring them to complete any administrative forms or contracts. We are excited to partner with Google and CNBC, two great names in the information space, to offer this useful data to the public," said Ronald Jordan, Executive Vice President, Market Data.

"Providing real-time market data on Google Finance is an important step towards helping investors make more informed and timely investment decisions," said Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience. "Access to real-time financial information has traditionally been limited to investors with brokerage accounts and other users via subscription fees. We are pleased to be making this information freely available to all of our users on Google Finance, and other Google search properties."

"This service will enable any CNBC viewer or user the ability to make better investing decisions, no matter what platform they use or where they are in the world," said Scott Drake, Vice President, CNBC Digital.

The NYSE first proposed the idea for NYSE Realtime Stock Prices in January 2007, with an innovative approach: information providers disseminating the data do not have to count and report the number of users to the Exchange, nor contract with each user. Instead, the providers purchase the data from the NYSE for a flat monthly fee. The Securities and Exchange Commission last week approved NYSE Realtime Stock Prices for a four-month pilot period.

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