GlobalPlatform revamps Web site

Source: GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform, the international smart card specifications body, has unveiled a new-look public website.

It has been designed to give more prominence and easier access to GlobalPlatform's interoperable smart card, device and systems specifications, which are available online for royalty free download.

The updated site incorporates more pronounced navigation to the specifications from the home page and also presents GlobalPlatform's Specifications and related technical documentation in an 'at-a-glance' grid format. This allows visitors to see quickly and easily which documents are currently available for download, understand how specifications, configurations, supporting documents and compliance programs relate to each other and read a brief extract of each specification or document, simply by scrolling their mouse over the relevant document title.

Navigation has been enhanced throughout the site to help visitors locate the information they are seeking more rapidly and with fewer 'clicks'. Overall, the site content has been reduced by 35%, ensuring that all information posted online is streamlined, relevant and completely up-to-date.

Bob Beer, Chairman of GlobalPlatform and Vice President of Business Development at Datacard Group, comments: "A recent traffic analysis of GlobalPlatform's website showed that the web pages containing information and links relevant to the GlobalPlatform Specifications were by far the most visited pages on the entire site. Taking this into account and to further encourage deployment of our specifications, the website was redesigned to facilitate access to the specifications and to show in a more intuitive way the relationships between specifications and supporting technical documents.

"The fresh design of the new site combined with the enhanced navigational tools and streamlined and updated content creates a dynamic web presence for GlobalPlatform, which better reflects the growing significance of the organization in today's global smart card market."

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