GlobalCollect adds Quova geolocation data to fraud screening system

Source: Quova

Quova, Inc., a leading provider of Internet geolocation data, today announced that GlobalCollect, the world's premier international payment service provider of local e-payment solutions, has integrated Quova's IP geolocation data into its online Fraud Screening Service to detect fraudulous online payment transactions.

Comparing Web visitors' locations at the time the order is placed with their card details and shipping address, enables GlobalCollect to discover mismatches and instantly identify suspicious transactions.

With Quova's IP geolocation data, GlobalCollect can now determine the real-world location of a Web visitor and break down card holder details to country, state or city level. It is another component GlobalCollect added to its range of fraud reduction products to maximize transaction safety prior to payment authorization.

"Quova appealed to us due to its solid reputation in the fraud prevention market and its ability to locate an IP address right down to city level for a variety of online payment methods," said Jan Manten, CEO of GlobalCollect. "Due to the online payment sector being plagued by fraudulent activities, we were looking for a solution to strengthen our Fraud Screening Service and speed up the transaction process for genuine users."

The GlobalCollect online payment platform offers a wide range of local e-payment methods and currencies in over 200 countries and its client base includes Apple, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Skype,, Microsoft, Lycos, Blizzard for its 'World of Warcraft' and Linden Lab for its 'Second Life.'

"Online fraud has grown in frequency and the awareness of Internet geolocation technology as a preventative aide is becoming more apparent," said Steve Sawyer, Director of Business Development EMEA, Quova. "GlobalCollect deciding to use our data for fraud screening purposes further boosted our global payment processor portfolio."

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