Ingenico contactless PINpad gets MasterCard and Visa approval

Source: Ingenico

Since its inception, Ingenico has been the leader in the field of secure electronic transactions.

From becoming the global number one vendor by terminals shipped, to Ingenico's leadership in EMV - being the first vendor to have a device approved for EMV Level 1 - Ingenico has always sought to innovate fastest and first, to lead the industry and deliver maximum value to its customers.

Continuing this trend, Ingenico is proud to announce that the i3070 Contactless PINpad has achieved both Mastercard PayPass and Visa payWave approval. This makes the i3070 the first Contactless PINpad that can read magnetic stripe cards, smartcards, contactless cards and NFC phones.

The i3070 Contactless is therefore the most flexible Contactless device on the market today, the perfect solution for Retailers looking for a flexible, futureproof device to leverage the rapid transaction times and customer convenience of Contactless technology.

Ingenico will be demonstrating the i3070 Contactless PINpad, including its ability to take NFC phone transactions at Retail Solutions.

NFC - Instant payment

Near Field Communications (NFC) is sure to have a major impact on the retail industry and Ingenico will be at the forefront of its deployment.

NFC is the founding principle of Contactless payment technology. It allows people to access services simply by touching or placing their device - most likely a mobile phone to begin with - next to an access ‘tag'.

We will see NFC-enabled phones becoming ‘electronic wallets', replacing the need to carry a multitude of cards including credit, debit, loyalty and pre-paid cards.

i3070 - A technological gem

Ingenico 3070 Contactless is a compact handheld PINpad with smart card, magnetic card and contactless card readers ideal for use in retail and single point-of-sale environments.

The i3070 Contactless can be connected to most Ingenico terminals or sale systems using just one cable (serial, USB and Ethernet connectivity). This PCI-PED-compliant device supports the latest and most stringent payment requirements from Mastercard and Visa, including EMV Contactless and mobile phone payments.

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