Goldleaf launches marketing services for banks

Source: Goldleaf Financial Solutions

Goldleaf Financial Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:GFSI), a provider of technology-based solutions for financial institutions, today announced that it has launched a comprehensive marketing service that provides clients with quick, consultative support and immediate go-to-market strategies.

Fueled by growing demand, Goldleaf evolved its existing proven marketing products to create a global scope of services that could address any financial institution's marketing initiatives at a very granular level.

The new service enables Goldleaf to work with banks on a consultative level and tailor a marketing strategy based on an institution's specific needs. In addition, taking a comprehensive view across the enterprise allows Goldleaf to create a marketing program that has a similar look and feel throughout the entire campaign to ensure consistent messaging. According to Goldleaf executives, the Company's marketing services were designed to meet any marketing initiative - from growing retail deposits to increasing commercial business.

"Goldleaf's marketing services are nimble and flexible enough to fulfill any marketing need, from direct mail to a turnkey re-branding campaign," said Lynn Boggs, CEO of Goldleaf Financial Solutions. "They act as a full-service branch of the financial institution available for any type of support. After many successful remote deposit capture campaigns, our clients continue to request our marketing services enterprise-wide. We wanted to take a strategic approach to develop strong, consistent campaigns to meet all of their specific marketing needs."

Goldleaf's MarketingManager is an additional resource provided to financial institutions through marketing services. This Web portal allows financial institutions to leverage pre-designed marketing collateral that enables them to create marketing campaigns quickly, expediting their go to market strategies to immediately enhance their selling efforts.

In addition, through Goldleaf's marketing services, financial institutions can target consumers by any desired variable, such as age, income or location. It also targets specific verticals for business banking, providing segmentation based on variables including sales volume and by industry. That granular level of data can be used individually, or collectively to support growth initiatives such as new branches, new technology offerings or expanding market share.

"Goldleaf is focused on developing products and services that will directly improve our client's bottom line," Boggs added. "We want to make sure that financial institutions have cohesive initiatives that are focused on meeting their unique and individual goals."

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