Mortech ships mobile CRM application

Source: Mortech

Mortech, a leading mortgage technology provider, today announced the new Marksman Mobile platform, delivering Mortech's leading CRM applications and all-in-one PPE (product & pricing engine) capabilities to BlackBerries, iPhones or smartphones.

This one of a kind offering leverages the robust features and functionalities of Marksman, Mortech's industry leading core product.

Marksman Mobile enables users to log into their unique Marksman accounts via a web-enabled device, giving lenders and loan officers the ability to access rates, product & pricing information in real-time and immediately respond to business critical data. With instant access to important rate data, PPE solutions and CRM applications, Marksman users can enjoy the freedom of working mobile, increasing productivity outside of the office and improving customer service.

"The current market has made it increasingly difficult for lenders to close deals," said Don Kracl, president of Mortech, Inc. "With heightened regulations and weary buyers, our customers are looking for ways to increase close ratios and cut costs. This new platform enables our users to keep a close on eye on the market and increase sales via a cell phone," said Kracl.

Reducing the time it takes to access customer data and responding to prospects is essential to successful lenders. Marksman Mobile provides mortgage professionals accurate and reliable information to support that success.

"I was able to get rate and pricing information to one my prospects instantly from my iPhone," said Allen Cravello, President of American Capital Corporation. "Having this type of access outside of the office gives us the needed edge to respond quickly to our leads."

Key features of Marksman Mobile include:

  • The first and only accurate real-time mobile PPE solution available on the market
  • Instant access to Marksman account via any web-enabled cell phone
  • User friendly navigation and interface
  • Access to software requires no programming, set-up or maintenance
  • Retrieve vital prospect information via Marksman's CRM application
  • Robust Marksman functions specifically designsnsigned for road warriors

Marksman, Mortech's flagship web based software, is a cost effective full-service solution that offers a comprehensive set of tools to automate, simplify and manage lender information in a robust format. The complete web-based version of Marksman package includes:

  • Instant rate, eligibility and product information in real-time
  • Immediate accurate mortgage data through a hassle free seamless lending experience
  • The right product at the right price within a few seconds
  • Rich CRM capabilities that automatically distribute and assign leads
  • Immediate notifications as industry rates change
  • Increased efficiencies between loan officers and secondary departments to lock loan requests
  • Capability to adapt quickly to ongoing market changes

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